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This time I wanted to try a different take on Shantae, and I decided to focus on her sexy side. However, I felt that this kind of behavior was more fitting to her counterpart Nega-Shantae. 
I imagine that “Nega” is the exact opposite of Shantae, even personality-wise, so I doubt she would be ashamed or worried about looking too sexy.
On the other hand, I pictured that Shantae would behave a little more awkward and nervous while trying to look sexy, probably because she’s not used to do it. Most likely when she does it naturally, she’s not precisely aware of it… Or at least that’s how I imagine it.
I also wanted to accentuate the difference in personalities between both characters based on their behavior.
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2016 · Shantae · Videogame girls · Videogames · Wayforward

My heart holder

She totally won our hearts 🙂

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This artwork is based on a rough sketch of her I made in one of my sketch sessions. I always thought that the sketch looked particularly cute, and I finally decided to make an artwork out of it.

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Digital sketch: Link

I think it shouldn’t be necessary to explain, but just in case. The title is a word play between the physical heart holder in her hands and “my heart” as the reader and anyone that supports Shante, not exclusively me as a person.

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Shantae Character Ref and Alternate version

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I felt the need to draw more Shantae, so I made six of them!

This was based on a sketch page I made last year. I did the inking and coloring of the whole page, I hope you like it.

People that support my patreon know that I originally was going to do a Character Ref of Short haired Shantae, just because I was curious to see how she would look.

What happened was that I changed my mind in the middle of the sketch process, but I decided to include it as a alternate version bonus. Also, since I felt I was gonna fall short if I did just one alternate version, I decided to do add two more to the mix. Blue dancer outfit from the 1/2 hero kick starter and Nega Shantae from Risky’s revenge.