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This time I wanted to try a different take on Shantae, and I decided to focus on her sexy side. However, I felt that this kind of behavior was more fitting to her counterpart Nega-Shantae. 
I imagine that “Nega” is the exact opposite of Shantae, even personality-wise, so I doubt she would be ashamed or worried about looking too sexy.
On the other hand, I pictured that Shantae would behave a little more awkward and nervous while trying to look sexy, probably because she’s not used to do it. Most likely when she does it naturally, she’s not precisely aware of it… Or at least that’s how I imagine it.
I also wanted to accentuate the difference in personalities between both characters based on their behavior.
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Wicke and Lusamine

Wicke and Lusamine, from Pokemon Sun & Moon.
While I usually don’t jump into bandwagons, I had to make an exception because I was charmed by these ladies as much as everyone else.
I wanted to build a light comedic scene, based on the idea that Wicke kinda outshined Lusamine’s appearance. I’m not sure if this is a fact, but I’ve seen an inclination on my social media accounts. However, I bet Lusamine has a similar fanbase, maybe they’re just a bit more quiet.
I personally like them both because they’re perfect opposites. I only need to know more about their personalities to be more inclined to one side or the other.
Wicke’s case is interesting, indeed. I’m not sure if it is because of the non-chibi models from the 7th gen, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character like her in a Pokémon game. Or maybe Game freak is finally understanding their main audience…
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See also previous sketch (2013):
Roll Sketch

I decided to expand the drawing in favor of a full body picture. I also wanted to keep the theme consistent, so I sketched a giant E-Tank for her to sit.

Fun history with Roll. Back in 2003 – 2005 I owned a copy of Marvel VS Capcom on the PS1 , and I remember seeing all the extra content like the concept arts in the gallery, you obtained new pictures after beating the game with certain character. 
More or less like these pictures:


Roll happened to be one of my favorites because at first I didn’t even know she was in the game. I discovered her by accident trying to play as Megaman. This was back when you had secret characters in the game and not only payed DLC ones. (I just love secrets in videogames)

I really like the illustrations, and I remember trying to draw a couple from it but failing miserably. I still have those sketches saved in my files

… Anyways, at that point in time I never thought I would ever be able to make artworks similar to those in the game, and here we are.

The item in the BG of the picture is the Screw or Bolts, used as currency or collectibles to buy items from Megaman 7 to 10.

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My heart holder

She totally won our hearts 🙂

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This artwork is based on a rough sketch of her I made in one of my sketch sessions. I always thought that the sketch looked particularly cute, and I finally decided to make an artwork out of it.

Original rough sketch: Link
Digital sketch: Link

I think it shouldn’t be necessary to explain, but just in case. The title is a word play between the physical heart holder in her hands and “my heart” as the reader and anyone that supports Shante, not exclusively me as a person.

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Daisy’s Mega scheme

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If you want a closer look at Daisy’s idea:

Daisy is basically trying to turn Luigi into a Kaijin, but I doubt she will succeed XD

I was originally going to leave the speech bubble out, but I thought that having it would add more silliness and personality to the idea.

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