Song of Storms


Just Link, using the most unconventional method to water his magic bean.

Despite I only used this technique in Majora’s mask, I thought a grumpy adult Link would be more fun to see.

I also always assumed the rain started above his head, because of vortex or ray of light that appears around him whenever he plays the song:


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Crazydent evil 4 – Page 1

Ok so here is the translated version of Crazydent evil 4.
No excuses to the people that don’t understand the previous version. If is there some bad translated text excuse me, I’m not to good at English yet…XD

Comments will be apreciated. Also if I get some attention from people I will continue this parody


ok aquí esta la versión traducida al ingles de crazydent evil 4. No excusas para aquellos que no entiendan o no les guste el español XD. si hay algún error de traducción perdón, es mi primer trabajo de esta clase, y no soy tan bueno en ingles… XD

Los comentarios serán apreciados

Resident evil 4 Belongs to CAPCOM/Shinji Mikami
Idea and concept of Crazydent evil : Luis Parada

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