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Cassandra Nelbrook

3rd Artwork made for Terrel Coleman (Coleslayer) in exchange for his patreon support 🙂

I’d like share the description of this character provided by him. We started her character design from scratch.

Cassandra comes from a race of sun worshipers called, Arkinians. They believe the sun is Arkin, the mother of their race after she ascended to glory.

Arkinians are a very unusual magical race. Their hair is white, all but the tips which are either, green, red, or purple. And they are always born with a birth mark in the shape of marks they call, Arkinshy’s.

Cassandra comes from a VERY well off family, and at times can be a bit sheltered in her attitude and beliefs. She can get in the way and be clumsy, but has a very good heart.
In her society, she is a “Priestess of Light unto the Sun (or Arkin).

Her magic is controlling light and creating fire like the suns. This also means she can take light away and make things pitch black, and evoke shadow magic if needs be. She tries to avoid this however. It’s kind of a two sides of the same coin, type of thing. You can’t have light without the dark.

Her weapon is a simple wooden staff she uses for casting, and as a walking stick. She stands at 5.7″ and has pale skin, white hair with green tips, purple eyes, and the birthmark of the sun on her shoulder which she displays at all times.

She wears priestess robes, and a skyblue dot on her forehead as part of her station in her role as a priestess.

You can find her design process documented in my Patreon page: Link

Character Design · commissioned · Illustrations · Original artworks · Original character · Terrel

Mason Addler

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I wanted to try a lot of stuff with this artwork, and I used all the digital painting skills that I’m capable of at this moment. I tried adding different tones, light effects, composition, textures, and anything I could think of to give more life to the forest I wanted to depict.

I probably got a little carried away while painting all the details, but I really like the result. I’d love if this becomes the standard quality of my artworks from now on. Also, I’m aware that there’s lots of room for improvement, and that’s awesome! Time will show the progress step by step 🙂

Mason description written by Terrel Coleman

Age: 32
Height: 5.11″ (It bothers him that he is just shorter than six feet, and it drives Iva crazy that he is just a little taller than her)
Favorite colors: Earth colors, such as the several types of green, brown, gray, and black.
Favorite Food: Gixian Festival Food. (Similiar to Chinese Food)
Children: 1 Adopted Daughter.
Spouse: Wife, deceased.
Home Town: Bounteous Village
Weapon of choice: Machetes and potions.

Mason was a gifted youth who’s parents were well off and had the means to send him anywhere in the world for schooling and apprenticeship. His home town is a village close to the capital city of Kinmar.
His family took him to the university, trying to narrow down what field of study the boy would be interested in. While there, he met an old elf man named Elso. Elso was kind and helpful in guiding the boy into alchemy. Namely, botany and potion making. He has no natural talent for magic. He can however create clever potions as a substitute.

For Mason’s outfit, I suggested one utility belt, instead of two, since I felt it wouldn’t be easy for him to remove his coat. Also, I didn’t think it would work inside his coat, either. As you can see in the sketches, it’d be awkward and impractical. Usually, I tend to overthink this stuff, but in this case it was really helpful.

I added special gloves to his outfit, from a thin but protective material, that can allow him to touch dangerous materials if necessary. 

Some previous stages in his character development:
Character Design · commissioned · Illustrations · Original artworks · Original character · Terrel

Iva Narita

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After a lot of work behind the scenes, I can finally present you to Iva Narita! Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1] 

A complete re-designed version of a character created like 15 years ago by Terrel Coleman. He expressed to me that he wanted me to bring a new life to his character, because he didn’t have a worthy representation of the character that he envisioned all this time. 

We’ve been working several aspects of her redesign these past weeks, like her facial features, outfit and props, her color scheme, etc. He and I, as well as my supporters on patreon, can agree that the process was worthy. I really thank them for their support 🙂

Drawing Process

The first frame contains the original version of Iva done by Terrel Many years ago.

You can find a complete version of her re-design process in my patreon page, where you can support me to keep making artworks like this one 🙂

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Iva’s Profile Character by Terrel Coleman

Age: 107
Height: 5.9
Favorite color: Red
Favorite Food: Rabbit. Anything with Rabbit.
Favorite Game: Poker, but loses at the worst possible time.
Relationship Status: Widow. Husband (Randolf Nerida Jr.)
Children: 2. One son, passed away (Randolf Nerida the 3rd) . One daughter, still alive (Alyssa Milonika Nerida. AKA: Aly)
Birthplace: Clayboria Forest
Current Home: Wolfbane Valley
Magic Powers: Limited Wind magic that she’s learned from her grandmother, magic ring that can turn her into a brown wolf. Tries to keep the latter secret.
Known relatives: Grandmother (Carmen Narita) Father (Feloran Narita) Brother (Caro Narita) Sister (Signe Narita)

Current Situation: After being wrongfully accused of her husband and sons murder ten years ago, Iva Narita has been in hiding and has all but given up the assassin life. Her grandmother found her whereabouts and has been rehabilitating Iva and taking care of her.
Now through a series of unusual events, the Clayborian government is willing to give her a chance to clear her name, reenter Elvish society, and most importantly, find her daughter. With the help of her former (and reluctant) brother in law, and a basket toting thief, She may just have her life back. If she can stop a war, uncover the real murderer and keep from tearing apart her comrades. How hard can that be?