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4K-Thank you (Process)

An updated version of this process:

I made this new version using the assets I had from the original process.

Back when I shared this on patreon a year ago the process is divided into 3 different post, because I was updating the info as I was working on it. I ultimately changed the way I showed the process in favor of a new layout. I also had no particular format at that time, so you couldn’t expect any flashy presentations.

Take a look if you’re curious:

Since I only had 1 patron at the time almost nobody saw it, also my old scanner broke during that time so I had to take a picture of the pencil sketch you’re seeing. Now the original process is nothing special, but it’s another example of how one can learn by trying and improving upon a basic idea.

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#Big Dreams

(Reading order from left to right)

Commissioned by ExuberantCurtain

I usually don’t take comic strip commissions because of all the time and effort it takes to make one…

However, it’s been a some time since I was able to make a comic with Tabby, and since she gave me freedom to adapt the original idea as I pleased, I was able to make it lighthearted and explore what Tabby would do in this sort of situation.

This is probably the first time I’ve made a black and white comic with Tabby on it, so if you were somehow curious about how” Manga Tabby” would look, now you have it

Willa was also a fun and cute character to work with, I really liked her design, I just hope she has a way to control our pastry eating “little” monster. Either that, or enough money to cover the expenses

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2016 · Character Design · Izanna family · Pixel art · Tabatha Izanna · Tabby

Character selection

Original characters I’ve shown to the public so far
What started as an Izanna family pixel artwork ended up becoming a complete character roster.

Since I already had the girls, I thought I could add all the characters I’ve made so far (even minor ones). As soon as I had all the sprites, I added the Gameboy Color frame to complete the “retro game” theme.

I pretend to keep updating this list as soon as I create a new character. I think it’ll be a good and unique way to keep track of all the creations I’ve released to the public. I think I missed a couple, but some of them either need a redesign or a new concept entirely.

(I included two versions of Jazmint because, at this point in time, I haven’t decided her final color palette)

2016 · 4 of a kind · Character Design · Izanna family · Original character · Tabatha Izanna · Tabby

Tabby’s laugh

This is still part of the process of understanding Tabby’s attitude and playful behavior.

Tabby is really competitive and she LOVES to win, so you don’t have to be surprised if she takes this type of attitude when she defeats a rival or an “unbeatable” foe: “You underestimated the power of the great and mighty Tabby!”

It took around 10 frames of animation, compared to the original 4 frames that were in the original flipnote. I had to add them because in a higher resolution the in-between frames that were missing were more noticeable. I decided to leave the final animation in a lower resolution because the animation runs smoother.

I would say that it’s a good result being my first attempt. I notice certain elements that can be improved or simplified, things that I could’ve made differently, but we’ll save that for the next project.

Hope you like it 🙂

2016 · 4 of a kind · animation · Izanna family · Original character · Tabatha Izanna · Tabby

Flipnote 21- Tabby Laugh

Look at Tabby, so full of herself! as you can see, I’m still experimenting with her expressions and playful behavior.

I won’t lie when I say that I always wanted to have a character that was able to reenact the “ojou laugh”… and after doing this, I think she’s the chosen one!

This isn’t the only way she laughs by the way, but it fits well for certain situations.