2016 · Character Design · commissioned · Drawing process · Original character · Sketch

(Comm) Lin Slatter

Full name: Lin Slatter

Age: 18

She attends to the same school as Adaline, although, she rebels against the elvish establishment while trying to learn whatever she can from them. She has a real big chip on her shoulder from years of teasing and inequality from the elves she’s suppose to be learning from. The only person who has really seen her soft side is her best friend.

She’s overprotective with Ada because she’s the only person who reached out and stayed with her throughout the years at the academy. Eventually her friendship with Ada turned into love, however, up until this point she has no idea how to tell her.

Skills: Highly gifted in language, math, architecture, and mechanical engineering.

commisioned by Coleslayer. This is the series of sketches I made for him to define her character features. Originally shared on Patreon during her design process:
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2016 · Black and white · commissioned · Manga style · Original character · Sketch


Rough Sketch:

Final Version:

Suggested by a patreon supporter. He asked if I could draw Yoko and Naylah, a couple of my original characters, in this particular scene. I wanted to give the artwork a manga style, so I didn’t used more than black, white and graytones.

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2013 · capcom · Drawing process · Sketch · Videogame girls · Videogames

Roll sketch

Recently one of my patrons mentioned that he would like to see Roll drawn in my style.

Coincidence or not, sometime ago I made this sketch to learn more about digital paint and how to blend colors in SAI. I was planning to make an artwork without using any outlines, but I ultimately scrapped the idea.

2013 was a chaotic year for me, and I can think of many reasons of why this was scrapped, but maybe it’s about time to give it another try.

The date of the original file reads : June 7th, Friday‎ ‎‎2013.

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