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Shantae Character Ref and Alternate version

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I felt the need to draw more Shantae, so I made six of them!

This was based on a sketch page I made last year. I did the inking and coloring of the whole page, I hope you like it.

People that support my patreon know that I originally was going to do a Character Ref of Short haired Shantae, just because I was curious to see how she would look.

What happened was that I changed my mind in the middle of the sketch process, but I decided to include it as a alternate version bonus. Also, since I felt I was gonna fall short if I did just one alternate version, I decided to do add two more to the mix. Blue dancer outfit from the 1/2 hero kick starter and Nega Shantae from Risky’s revenge.

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Shantae Squids (New Version)

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Recently, while checking my old artworks, I stumbled upon this one, and from this year no less. It left me with the feeling of, “I can totally improve this drawing.”


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I started almost from scratch, using the previous picture as a sketch. I changed some details in the expressions and improved the outlines. I added her tiara jewel, a black vest, several other details, as well as improving the coloring.

Since I made many changes, I decided to submit this one as a new picture instead of replacing the previous one. Also, because I made two versions in the coloring stage, and I couldn’t decide which one to submit, I decided to share both.

If you want to, have fun comparing the differences with the old one.

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Shantae Trick or Treat

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It’s candy time everybody! 😀

I figured the end of October was the perfect time to make another Shantae artwork! I mean, this game has everything for it, from pirates, to genies, zombies, squids, dragons, and all sorts of monsters. It seemed like a perfect fit for the ocassion.

The idea behind it was simple. I wanted Shantae and Rotty playing around in a pumpkin field. I wanted them be small enough to fit into the pumpkins (or maybe they’re are giant pumpkins) so they look like candies in a bowl, or so they could wear those like a costume to go get some candies.

I hope you have some candies for these girls, because if you don’t, you’ll get in trouble.

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Half-genie hero of time

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By now some of you might know that I’m a Shantae Fan. This time I wanted to see how she would look like wearing Link’s Tunic. With all the elements that these games share in common, it’s not hard to make the connection.

I went and chose the most iconic of the Zelda series: Ocarina of Time Tunic, the Master Sword and the Temple of Time. I decided to go with the red tunic because it fits better with the usual color scheme of the little genie. 

I also made some color variations for the tunics, including versions without the white spandex to emulate the Young Link attire. I figured it would be a good bonus to add to the creation process of this artwork in the Patreon gallery. You can always check it if you’re interested, I appreciate your support 🙂

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep waiting for the Half-Genie Hero release, her Sm4sh reveal, and her “out of stock in 5 minutes” amiibo (I still have high hopes)

Thanks to CFood for your Patreon support. Knowing that you’re a fan of Shantae and Zelda, I know you’ll love this artwork as well.

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I decided to keep going with the WayForward girls series, and now it was the turn for the malicious, quirky and hyperactive zombie girl Rottytops From the Shantae series. 

I made a chibi picture referencing the Rottytops race. But I thought she deserved her own piece, and a awesome one to say the least. You can see the previous one here:

This picture came from exploring the true nature of this monster girl, after all she’s a zombie! I’m guessing she could easily try to kill you and eat you if she really wanted to. Appearances can be deceiving, my friend. Or maybe she’s just trying to scare you there. Who knows?

This time I went crazy and decided to experiment with the lighting, the ambient and background, trying to give a creepy aura over the whole picture. Tell me if you like it 😀

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Run for your life

So I was thinking, since I have a “Master’s degree” on drawing cute chibis, I might as well try it with Shantae.

This scene is obviously a reference to the Rottytops race in Shantae for the Gameboy Color. The first time I played trough this part I found myself bashing my head over and over with tree trunks, stones and everything around, trying to figure out the timing and remembering the obstacles (I guess just like many more gamers did). And poor Shantae had to go trough all that, just trying to save her brains from becoming an unusual appetizer. 

Of course, Rotty, being such a dear, gave us as many tries as we wanted. It makes you wonder… Maybe one of the benefits of being undead is unlimited stamina since Rotty is just as fast and energetic as Sonic! 
Just look at that cute face, she’s obviously hiding something 

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