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I usually don’t do artworks that relate to current events like this because they get outdated pretty fast. Nevertheless, I felt it was appropriate to capture this moment, the moment when all the mystery behind this console is finally going to be revealed. (If you don’t count the first trailer of course, I also got to see it as well  )
This might be the first time ever I’ve gotten to witness a Nintendo console reveal through a stream. When I was a kid, I was never updated with the current consoles, and I often got to know and play them years after their release. That didn’t made them less wondrous experiences, though!
The early internet era is truly a wonderful thing, and I call it “early” because only the future knows how interconnected we’re going to be with one another in further years.
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4K-Thank you (Process)

An updated version of this process:

I made this new version using the assets I had from the original process.

Back when I shared this on patreon a year ago the process is divided into 3 different post, because I was updating the info as I was working on it. I ultimately changed the way I showed the process in favor of a new layout. I also had no particular format at that time, so you couldn’t expect any flashy presentations.

Take a look if you’re curious:

Since I only had 1 patron at the time almost nobody saw it, also my old scanner broke during that time so I had to take a picture of the pencil sketch you’re seeing. Now the original process is nothing special, but it’s another example of how one can learn by trying and improving upon a basic idea.

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#Big Dreams

(Reading order from left to right)

Commissioned by ExuberantCurtain

I usually don’t take comic strip commissions because of all the time and effort it takes to make one…

However, it’s been a some time since I was able to make a comic with Tabby, and since she gave me freedom to adapt the original idea as I pleased, I was able to make it lighthearted and explore what Tabby would do in this sort of situation.

This is probably the first time I’ve made a black and white comic with Tabby on it, so if you were somehow curious about how” Manga Tabby” would look, now you have it

Willa was also a fun and cute character to work with, I really liked her design, I just hope she has a way to control our pastry eating “little” monster. Either that, or enough money to cover the expenses

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4k- Don’t be so dense

Moral of the story: overthinking everything can ruin your life and the life of others… :rofl:

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The newest comic strip is finally here, this time starring one of Amanda’s peculiar possessions, her pet fish Ricardo.

With this series of comics I’ve been trying to expand what we know about this family, and I’ve also been trying to include some fantasy elements to it. I think from now on, I’m gonna try to have fun with the possibilities, defying common sense if necessary, to see what I can come up with.

I hope you like it 🙂

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First Tabby Drawing (2007)

Originally shared on Patreon on December of 2015: Link

While I was checking my old files the past year, I found a sketch of what it appears to be the first Tabby sketch I ever made.

Despite officially creating the character around 2010, I can’t help but see the resemblance between Tabby and this unnamed character I made back in 2007, I guess it’s a good thing I keep this stuff around with specific dates.
Based on this, I like to think that Tabby was there from the start, waiting around the corner for her time to shine 😀
Another interesting fact is that I wanted to settle Tabby’s birthday in April, even before seeing the sketch (either 7th or 14th of April). I was pretty shocked to see that this drawing was made really close to those dates, so I think I’m gonna use that date because literally that’s the day she was born.