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Cassandra Nelbrook

3rd Artwork made for Terrel Coleman (Coleslayer) in exchange for his patreon support 🙂

I’d like share the description of this character provided by him. We started her character design from scratch.

Cassandra comes from a race of sun worshipers called, Arkinians. They believe the sun is Arkin, the mother of their race after she ascended to glory.

Arkinians are a very unusual magical race. Their hair is white, all but the tips which are either, green, red, or purple. And they are always born with a birth mark in the shape of marks they call, Arkinshy’s.

Cassandra comes from a VERY well off family, and at times can be a bit sheltered in her attitude and beliefs. She can get in the way and be clumsy, but has a very good heart.
In her society, she is a “Priestess of Light unto the Sun (or Arkin).

Her magic is controlling light and creating fire like the suns. This also means she can take light away and make things pitch black, and evoke shadow magic if needs be. She tries to avoid this however. It’s kind of a two sides of the same coin, type of thing. You can’t have light without the dark.

Her weapon is a simple wooden staff she uses for casting, and as a walking stick. She stands at 5.7″ and has pale skin, white hair with green tips, purple eyes, and the birthmark of the sun on her shoulder which she displays at all times.

She wears priestess robes, and a skyblue dot on her forehead as part of her station in her role as a priestess.

You can find her design process documented in my Patreon page: Link

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What a tude!!!

This kid just got owned! I think he’ll never be able to recover from such humiliation ( …sure)

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With this comic I wanted to try a different style, simplifying the design, and leave the humor to drive the situation.

Originally, the comic was going to be more simple. It didn’t even had the same number of panels. The main idea  was a modern kid ignoring a 90’s “cool dude,” making him realize how uncool and dated he was in today’s standards. The shirt was going to have an inscription like “I’m a 90’s kid” “90’s are rad”, or something similar. 
However, while I was doing it, I realized that the idea wouldn’t be as clear as I wanted. As a result, I decided to stretch the “90’s ness” of this dude, surrounding him with all I could think that media defined as a cool guy in that time. As well as taking liberties with some elements to make even more obvious the generational gap between them 
I sure wasn’t a part of this trend, but I saw it a lot in movies, cartoons and all those reruns that had to with the 90’s. Many of those elements stuck in my head permanently.
With the lingo, I had to do some research since I was looking for the most dated thing the 90’s had to offer. I hope I didn’t mess up the use of those phrases. Maybe some 90’s cool dude would be able to tell me if I did XD  I don’t know if some of this phrases are still in use because it’s not my intention to offend anyone using them. It’s just such a “colorful” and fun way to express otherwise bland and normal concepts.
Anyways, I hope you liked it, and now I’m outie!

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Mason Addler

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I wanted to try a lot of stuff with this artwork, and I used all the digital painting skills that I’m capable of at this moment. I tried adding different tones, light effects, composition, textures, and anything I could think of to give more life to the forest I wanted to depict.

I probably got a little carried away while painting all the details, but I really like the result. I’d love if this becomes the standard quality of my artworks from now on. Also, I’m aware that there’s lots of room for improvement, and that’s awesome! Time will show the progress step by step 🙂

Mason description written by Terrel Coleman

Age: 32
Height: 5.11″ (It bothers him that he is just shorter than six feet, and it drives Iva crazy that he is just a little taller than her)
Favorite colors: Earth colors, such as the several types of green, brown, gray, and black.
Favorite Food: Gixian Festival Food. (Similiar to Chinese Food)
Children: 1 Adopted Daughter.
Spouse: Wife, deceased.
Home Town: Bounteous Village
Weapon of choice: Machetes and potions.

Mason was a gifted youth who’s parents were well off and had the means to send him anywhere in the world for schooling and apprenticeship. His home town is a village close to the capital city of Kinmar.
His family took him to the university, trying to narrow down what field of study the boy would be interested in. While there, he met an old elf man named Elso. Elso was kind and helpful in guiding the boy into alchemy. Namely, botany and potion making. He has no natural talent for magic. He can however create clever potions as a substitute.

For Mason’s outfit, I suggested one utility belt, instead of two, since I felt it wouldn’t be easy for him to remove his coat. Also, I didn’t think it would work inside his coat, either. As you can see in the sketches, it’d be awkward and impractical. Usually, I tend to overthink this stuff, but in this case it was really helpful.

I added special gloves to his outfit, from a thin but protective material, that can allow him to touch dangerous materials if necessary. 

Some previous stages in his character development:
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November 29th

Since today is my birthday, I decided to do a silly, yet amusing, picture. If you don’t know the character, he’s my avatar Linker, the one you see in my profile picture. I tried to imagine how a family picture would look like, most precisely a birthday memory, transformed into a cartoon environment, and this was the result.

My father has always been a bit of a photograph enthusiast. Even when cameras weren’t in our tissues as today, he was always taking pictures of anything he considered important.

Obviously, he documented many events in our family, including our birthdays. I think that’s a fortunate thing to preserve, considering we barely have any depiction of him or my mother when they were kids, because of several situations that didn’t allow them to do such a thing. It makes you realize the little things we might take for granted nowadays.

I decided to make it look like a instant photograph, instead of just submitting the illustration as it was, mostly because I wanted to give the sensation of a past family moment, an aura of a treasured memory.


He also tended to write little notes on the pictures, like the day it was taken, the place we were in, or the people that were depicted on it. So, I also decided to add that as reference, instead of leaving it as a nameless picture.

Drawing process

This picture was originally made in 2013 for a project in which I drew my avatar Linker in some of the stages of his life, starting when he was born of course.

That had to be the first time I made him as a baby, and I can’t think on another scenario in which I would have the idea to do so.

In 2014, I wanted to show part of the project again for a different purpose, and I had to draw him again because I simply didn’t like the way the drawing looked anymore. I was able to see all the mistakes I made, and I fixed them.

Since I never had a good opportunity to show this drawing in the gallery, I was looking for a fitting to show him so I thought of my birthday.

However, I again had the issue that I didn’t like the way he looked anymore. You know how this works, right? As you get better in something, you tend to develop your skills, and you easily see the mistakes you did before. So, I re drew him one more time in order to fit with my actual skills.

Even if it meant to be working it on my exact birthday, I didn’t want to lose the chance to show it to you guys, so I hope you like it!

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Happy Birthday

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Made this picture as a gift for a special friend onhis birthday. But in the future, if your reading this, and it happens to be your birthday, congratulations! Maybe this message was destined to reach you as well, maybe you needed it and it would make you feel better. You can share a piece of cake with us as well 🙂

Birthdays should be indeed a happy moment in our existence, and a time for celebration. A good moment to appreciate a new an wonderful year that we’ve lived in our lives, time for happiness, and also a good time to evaluate everything: what we are, what we have become, and what we aspire to be throughout our lives.
Maybe it’s time to congratulate ourselves for becoming a better person; Or to examine ourselves, to see if we’re happy with the things that we’ve been producing, for our benefit and for the benefits of others.

Thanks your support, have a happy birthday and I hope you had a really nice day with your friends and family. Be sure to save a piece of that cake with Amanda, I think I hear a growling tummy all the way up here :O

If you were wondering, Tabby (Blonde hair) and Amanda (Light blue hair), are character created by me. You can learn more about them here: Link

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Tabatha Izanna

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For the ones who don’t know, Tabatha is one of my original characters, and it’s been around almost since I started sharing my artworks on this site.

It surprised me how long has been since the last time I drew Tabby in her non chibi form. A lot has changed in her design since that, and of course I’ve changed and improved as well, So I decided it was about time to do something new and awesome involving her.

This picture was based on a sketch presented to my patreon supporters some time ago, and I thought it would look wonderful if I made into an artwork 🙂

Drawing Process

I really had fun with this artwork, it’s been some time since I drew “Tabbyz” and it was interesting to see how she would look using my actual skills. I definitely need to do more of everything! continue to improve my anatomy, improve my coloring, write and sketch even more comics.

While it might be stressful at some degree, I find it really exciting too, all the possibilities that lie ahead, so much room for improvement and more ideas to be released:la:

I would invite you to do the same in your daily life, Let’s keep working and improving everyday, it’s totally possible.

You could also consider becoming my patron, I would definitely appreciate your support immensely. I’m the process of developing more exclusive content for my patrons like the one you’re seeing. I’m as well listening to your feedback and your personal suggestions and you’re welcome to join 🙂

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Happy Halloween (Animated)

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What? Of course I know lots about “Holaween” I know all of it!

Originally, this was going to be a 4 panel comic strip, but then I started wondering how it would look if I made it a gif. So, I kept adding frames and frames until it was good enough for the idea. This is my first attempt at making an animated comic (if you don’t count an animation that I made way back in 2008), so I hope you like it.

The style of the characters in this comic was inspired by this previous comic strip: Link

I know the idea might be a bit silly, but I think it wasn’t only just about the idea, but more like being able to give more life to the work that’s already out there. I will keep learning more fundamentals to see where that gets me. I already see lots of interesting things I can make with this style. 

You can also see the process of creation of this comic here in my patreon page, where you can support me to keep making adorable comics like this one, fan art and more stuff. Even the smallest amount would be of great help. Thanks a lot 🙂