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Pokemon Fan Art (2001)

The drawings were digitally restored and balanced so it was easier to appreciate. Also, the pages of the original notebook were pretty thin, some of the colors bled from page to page (mainly black markers), and the paper is slowly starting to get yellow at time goes on. I thought it would be better to preserve it as a digital copy in case the notebook gets ruined by an accident or time itself.

You can see the RAW version here if you’re curious: Link

I know this might not be the kind of content people came to see from me, and most people will probably skip it but I thought that it could be an interesting experience to show some of the oldest fan art I have available from my childhood.

There’s actually more from where this came from, but I decided to break it down into two sections. The first 6 pages were dedicated to regular artworks, while the rest of the notebook contains my first fan comic on it’s entirety. I probably won’t share that story soon, because I don’t think there’s enough people interested in seeing it at this point in time.

I hope you liked this little trip to the past, and let me know if you would like to see more stuff like this in the future.

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Camino a la biblioteca – Road to the Library

An animation that I did for a school project in 2008. Is a gif animation depicting how annoying is to go the the library in that institute, endless stairs…XD

Dos dias despues=Two days later
Continuara=to be continued

The animation is composed of 108 frames, this was first attempt at making an animation on Photoshop using a pen Tablet.

I was supposed to create a simple gif using Photoshop layers, but I decided to make something more complex. I had to stay up all night, but in the end it was worthy.
I presented the animation in front of the class and everyone laugh at it, they loved it. 
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Linker 2008 (I’ve come a long way)

Edit 2015: wow, look a this piece, one of my first on the site and I’ve come a log way since then. I still like to look at my old pieces to see how much I have improved and this is a good example of it. So if you’re out there doubting that you can do it, just take the inspiration on this and keep working. You’ll eventually get so good that people will come naturally, and maybe you’ll also be able to make some good friends on the way.

Don’t forget that, we focus so much in the final result that we don’t even find the time to enjoy the journey. I’m not even ashamed of featuring this because it means a lot to me. It’s been a long journey to come to this point, and I hope I keep discovering more wonderful things about my art an my friends on what’s ahead of me yet

I really hope so, So what I can say is, enjoy what you do and don’t wait for anyone to tell you to do something, or that you worth something, JUST DO IT, NOOOOW, GO GO GO!

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