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Pokemon Fan Art (2001)

The drawings were digitally restored and balanced so it was easier to appreciate. Also, the pages of the original notebook were pretty thin, some of the colors bled from page to page (mainly black markers), and the paper is slowly starting to get yellow at time goes on. I thought it would be better to preserve it as a digital copy in case the notebook gets ruined by an accident or time itself.

You can see the RAW version here if you’re curious: Link

I know this might not be the kind of content people came to see from me, and most people will probably skip it but I thought that it could be an interesting experience to show some of the oldest fan art I have available from my childhood.

There’s actually more from where this came from, but I decided to break it down into two sections. The first 6 pages were dedicated to regular artworks, while the rest of the notebook contains my first fan comic on it’s entirety. I probably won’t share that story soon, because I don’t think there’s enough people interested in seeing it at this point in time.

I hope you liked this little trip to the past, and let me know if you would like to see more stuff like this in the future.

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Song of Storms

Just Link, using the most unconventional method to water his magic bean.

Despite I only used this technique in Majora’s mask, I thought a grumpy adult Link would be more fun to see.

I also always assumed the rain started above his head, because of vortex or ray of light that appears around him whenever he plays the song:

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I usually don’t do artworks that relate to current events like this because they get outdated pretty fast. Nevertheless, I felt it was appropriate to capture this moment, the moment when all the mystery behind this console is finally going to be revealed. (If you don’t count the first trailer of course, I also got to see it as well  )
This might be the first time ever I’ve gotten to witness a Nintendo console reveal through a stream. When I was a kid, I was never updated with the current consoles, and I often got to know and play them years after their release. That didn’t made them less wondrous experiences, though!
The early internet era is truly a wonderful thing, and I call it “early” because only the future knows how interconnected we’re going to be with one another in further years.
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2016 · Character Design · Fan comics · Humor · Mario Bros · Nintendo · Videogames

Super Mustachioed Brothers-03

Based on a silly sketch I made of a Tall Toad. I just basically wanted to see how would he behave around others of his kind.

In addition, you can also consider this a protest against the character design in recent Paper Mario Games. It’s pretty dissapointing when you realize that this comic has more Toad variations than Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Color Splash combined.

I’m also sorry if I haven’t shared content as regularly as before. I’ve been dealing with a sickness for over a month now and I haven’t been able to work at 100%

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Wicke and Lusamine

Wicke and Lusamine, from Pokemon Sun & Moon.
While I usually don’t jump into bandwagons, I had to make an exception because I was charmed by these ladies as much as everyone else.
I wanted to build a light comedic scene, based on the idea that Wicke kinda outshined Lusamine’s appearance. I’m not sure if this is a fact, but I’ve seen an inclination on my social media accounts. However, I bet Lusamine has a similar fanbase, maybe they’re just a bit more quiet.
I personally like them both because they’re perfect opposites. I only need to know more about their personalities to be more inclined to one side or the other.
Wicke’s case is interesting, indeed. I’m not sure if it is because of the non-chibi models from the 7th gen, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character like her in a Pokémon game. Or maybe Game freak is finally understanding their main audience…
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2016 · Fan Arts · Fan comics · Nintendo · Pokemon · Videogames

Pokemon Alternate forms – Ice Charmander

Created as a part of a personal project involving Charmander’s line of evolution.


Fun fact: This idea actually came before the regular charmander line, but I decided to share the other one first for people that like the usual evolution line.

Based on the new Alolan forms like the ice vulpix, Ghost Marowark, and the dark type meowth, I wanted to make my own alternate evolution line, so I created an ice type Charmander with a little cube on his tail.

Charizard evolves into a dragon type to become strong against fire and higher temperatures (dragon types are resistant to fire)

The ice on its tail it’s not that easy to melt because his body temperature keep it stable (like ice on a fridge) although during his Charmander and Charmeleon state it’s not the best for him to live in deserts or places with strong temperatures.

As you can see, they obviously like cold places, so if you gave shelter to one of this little creatures, you would need to adapt your house to their needs

For the second evolution I imagined a playful scenario, a Charmeleon playing with his trainer in the snow.

I pictured the regular Charmeleon would hate to be covered in snow in such a cold environment, so this is a perfect scenario for his counterpart.

For the last evolution I sketched this scene: “A grumpy looking Charizard with a fishing rod”. After that I decided to make a full artwork of it.

I don’t know if I’ll be doing more of these, but alternate forms sure are a fun concept, I just wonder how many official ones we’ll be seeing in the future.

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2016 · animation · Drawing process · Fan Arts · Flipnote · Kirby · Nintendo

Flipnote – Kirby Bounce

Recently I tried to make a flipnote with the bouncy ball exercise to practice animation, but I also asked to myself: how can I make more interesting to watch?

After that, I turned the ball into Kirby and the hand into Master hand. I’m really sorry Kirby.

Step 1: Rough animation
Step 2: Clean animation

I improved the animation with some additional frames and I modified the hand to make movement look more natural. 

Step 3: Coloring
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