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Super Mustachioed Brothers-03

Based on a silly sketch I made of a Tall Toad. I just basically wanted to see how would he behave around others of his kind.

In addition, you can also consider this a protest against the character design in recent Paper Mario Games. It’s pretty dissapointing when you realize that this comic has more Toad variations than Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Color Splash combined.

I’m also sorry if I haven’t shared content as regularly as before. I’ve been dealing with a sickness for over a month now and I haven’t been able to work at 100%

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Daisy’s Mega scheme

Tumblr post: Link

If you want a closer look at Daisy’s idea:

Daisy is basically trying to turn Luigi into a Kaijin, but I doubt she will succeed XD

I was originally going to leave the speech bubble out, but I thought that having it would add more silliness and personality to the idea.

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Luigi the immortal (2010-2016)

June 1, 2010

March 2016

Since many of my artworks stayed only on Deviantart for a long time, I was planning to share the original 2010 Luigi picture in other social media, and do some small adjustments to it…

But after looking at the picture, I just kept finding all sorts of mistakes and things that could be improved. I wasn’t going to be satisfied showing it as it was. 
So, I decided that it would be better if I did it again, to test how my actual skills could improve the original idea, and then I would be able to share both as a side by side comparison.
As you would expect, I added all the details and illustration effects that I could think off, just to stretch the difference between both pictures, trying to make Luigi look as epic as I can.

Patreon Sketch WIP: Link

I hope you like it! 🙂
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Mario Bros. Valentine Cards

“My Super Star”

I chose to use the setting from Super Mario Bros 3 in this picture, because of the aesthetics of the whole illustration. I think my idea fits perfectly with the stage play theme.

Originally I was planning to go for the Super Mario Bros 3 exact appearance for the BG, but I decided to soften some black elements on it. In my opinion, it was becoming visually distracting.

“My Fire Flower”

For the background, I made a combination of elements. For instance, I was trying to evoke the vibe of the first stage of Super Mario Land, as a reference to Daisy’s origins back in the Game Boy era.

However, since that game didn’t have any colors, I decided to use the aesthetics of world 2 of Super Mario Brothers 3 instead, simply because I feel that both settings share similar characteristics.

I would say that this one is my favorite of both versions. Maybe I just love the orange color palette that I used for it. I also feel that it gives the picture a warm atmosphere. It just blends perfectly with the concept.

I hope you like all this cuteness, see you in the next artwork!
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Player 2

I’m just trying to express a different type of emotion with this picture. I think I’ve never done it before, and I’m not sure why… 

I feel you Luigi, I really do.

The poison mushroom is inconsistent in design and effects between Mario games. I took the Mario Party 3 design which acts as a “curse,” and it makes you go slower: Link

In my opinion, the most lethal Poison Mushroom is the one with a skull on its head.

Almost every power up in the Mario franchise has a good effect, it makes you bigger, stronger, faster…

Poison ‘Shrooms have negative effects. If you’re bigger, it makes you smaller. If you’re already small, it kills you. In Super Mario RPG, it drains your health. It represents the hurtful things in your life that beat you down. The opposite of a power up, a toxic emotion in your life that drains your happiness away.