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I usually don’t do artworks that relate to current events like this because they get outdated pretty fast. Nevertheless, I felt it was appropriate to capture this moment, the moment when all the mystery behind this console is finally going to be revealed. (If you don’t count the first trailer of course, I also got to see it as well  )
This might be the first time ever I’ve gotten to witness a Nintendo console reveal through a stream. When I was a kid, I was never updated with the current consoles, and I often got to know and play them years after their release. That didn’t made them less wondrous experiences, though!
The early internet era is truly a wonderful thing, and I call it “early” because only the future knows how interconnected we’re going to be with one another in further years.
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4k- Don’t be so dense

Moral of the story: overthinking everything can ruin your life and the life of others… :rofl:

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The newest comic strip is finally here, this time starring one of Amanda’s peculiar possessions, her pet fish Ricardo.

With this series of comics I’ve been trying to expand what we know about this family, and I’ve also been trying to include some fantasy elements to it. I think from now on, I’m gonna try to have fun with the possibilities, defying common sense if necessary, to see what I can come up with.

I hope you like it 🙂

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4 of a kind- Winter Games

After making the previous Tabby picture “Winter is here”, I thought it would be nice to follow up the history, showing what kind of “crazy snow figures” she was talking about XD

Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have happy holidays with your friends and family! Thanks for being around 🙂 

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What a tude!!!

This kid just got owned! I think he’ll never be able to recover from such humiliation ( …sure)

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With this comic I wanted to try a different style, simplifying the design, and leave the humor to drive the situation.

Originally, the comic was going to be more simple. It didn’t even had the same number of panels. The main idea  was a modern kid ignoring a 90’s “cool dude,” making him realize how uncool and dated he was in today’s standards. The shirt was going to have an inscription like “I’m a 90’s kid” “90’s are rad”, or something similar. 
However, while I was doing it, I realized that the idea wouldn’t be as clear as I wanted. As a result, I decided to stretch the “90’s ness” of this dude, surrounding him with all I could think that media defined as a cool guy in that time. As well as taking liberties with some elements to make even more obvious the generational gap between them 
I sure wasn’t a part of this trend, but I saw it a lot in movies, cartoons and all those reruns that had to with the 90’s. Many of those elements stuck in my head permanently.
With the lingo, I had to do some research since I was looking for the most dated thing the 90’s had to offer. I hope I didn’t mess up the use of those phrases. Maybe some 90’s cool dude would be able to tell me if I did XD  I don’t know if some of this phrases are still in use because it’s not my intention to offend anyone using them. It’s just such a “colorful” and fun way to express otherwise bland and normal concepts.
Anyways, I hope you liked it, and now I’m outie!

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November 29th

Since today is my birthday, I decided to do a silly, yet amusing, picture. If you don’t know the character, he’s my avatar Linker, the one you see in my profile picture. I tried to imagine how a family picture would look like, most precisely a birthday memory, transformed into a cartoon environment, and this was the result.

My father has always been a bit of a photograph enthusiast. Even when cameras weren’t in our tissues as today, he was always taking pictures of anything he considered important.

Obviously, he documented many events in our family, including our birthdays. I think that’s a fortunate thing to preserve, considering we barely have any depiction of him or my mother when they were kids, because of several situations that didn’t allow them to do such a thing. It makes you realize the little things we might take for granted nowadays.

I decided to make it look like a instant photograph, instead of just submitting the illustration as it was, mostly because I wanted to give the sensation of a past family moment, an aura of a treasured memory.


He also tended to write little notes on the pictures, like the day it was taken, the place we were in, or the people that were depicted on it. So, I also decided to add that as reference, instead of leaving it as a nameless picture.

Drawing process

This picture was originally made in 2013 for a project in which I drew my avatar Linker in some of the stages of his life, starting when he was born of course.

That had to be the first time I made him as a baby, and I can’t think on another scenario in which I would have the idea to do so.

In 2014, I wanted to show part of the project again for a different purpose, and I had to draw him again because I simply didn’t like the way the drawing looked anymore. I was able to see all the mistakes I made, and I fixed them.

Since I never had a good opportunity to show this drawing in the gallery, I was looking for a fitting to show him so I thought of my birthday.

However, I again had the issue that I didn’t like the way he looked anymore. You know how this works, right? As you get better in something, you tend to develop your skills, and you easily see the mistakes you did before. So, I re drew him one more time in order to fit with my actual skills.

Even if it meant to be working it on my exact birthday, I didn’t want to lose the chance to show it to you guys, so I hope you like it!

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Happy Halloween (Edited With Process)


I made this comic for the last halloween, and I decided to make a small animation and submit it in .GIF format. One of the critiques I received was that you weren’t able to read it at your own pace because the GIF auto plays itself. I thought it was a fair comment, so I decided to fix the problem.

I started with a rough sketch to see how the comic would look as an animated GIF. After that, I cleaned up the animation, and I kept adding frames to make the transitions smoother.

The final piece has a different timing because of the additional frames. Some pauses were added to make it look more like an animation.

I think it’s cool that the process itself looks like a 3 panel comic.

Originally, this was going to be a 4 panel comic strip, but then I started wondering how it would look if I made it a gif. So, I kept adding frames and frames until it was good enough for the idea. This is my first attempt at making an animated comic (if you don’t count an animation that I made way back in 2008), so I hope you like it.

The style of the characters in this comic was inspired by this previous comic strip: Link

I know the idea might be a bit silly, but I think it wasn’t only just about the idea, but more like being able to give more life to the work that’s already out there. I will keep learning more fundamentals to see where that gets me. I already see lots of interesting things I can make with this style