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Old Drawings – Crazydent Evil Pg 1, 2 and 3

This day I wanted to show you the first artwork that started all, none other than my first web comic shared on line.

Back in October of 2009 I was completely hooked on Resident Evil 4, playing the campaign over and over again until I got to memorize many details of the game.

If you’re wondering why I was doing that with an old game, it was mostly because I didn’t had a PS3, a Nintendo Wii or any new game, so I had to rely on my good old gamecube to cover my gamer needs. It was okay, the game was so good that I didn’t mind playing it endlessly.

After all those playtroughs I decided to make a parody comic just for fun. I wasn’t planning to show it to anyone really, I didn’t even knew how Deviantart worked when I made it.

There’s no doubt that I was completely ignorant about how the internet worked at the time. At first I thought that my idea was hilarious, and when I discovered Deviantart I just wanted to share it with as much people as I could…

Needless to say it didn’t get as nearly as much as attention as I expected, all the opposite, not a single comment came during the first day. Even until this day the artwork hasn’t even reached 80 views.

My first Deviation (November 27, 2009)

Nowadays I’m not surprised, I wasn’t even able to translate it to English so most people wasn’t even able to read it in the first place. This complete disappointment made me ask to myself what could I do to get people to see it.

Later I decided to make an extra effort an add digital colors to a comic for the first time, not only that, but I tried my best to translate the comic with the help of internet translators and such. Needless to say the translations were just atrocious, but it pushed me to do something that I never even imagined before.

To be honest, I have no idea what my life would be if I didn’t dare to push myself further, despite being completely ignored during my first year on this site. It also makes me wonder how many great artist have we lost in the world just because they didn’t had the courage to step up despite the odds.

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Super Mustachioed Brothers-03

Based on a silly sketch I made of a Tall Toad. I just basically wanted to see how would he behave around others of his kind.

In addition, you can also consider this a protest against the character design in recent Paper Mario Games. It’s pretty dissapointing when you realize that this comic has more Toad variations than Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Color Splash combined.

I’m also sorry if I haven’t shared content as regularly as before. I’ve been dealing with a sickness for over a month now and I haven’t been able to work at 100%

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Pokemon Alternate forms – Ice Charmander

Created as a part of a personal project involving Charmander’s line of evolution.


Fun fact: This idea actually came before the regular charmander line, but I decided to share the other one first for people that like the usual evolution line.

Based on the new Alolan forms like the ice vulpix, Ghost Marowark, and the dark type meowth, I wanted to make my own alternate evolution line, so I created an ice type Charmander with a little cube on his tail.

Charizard evolves into a dragon type to become strong against fire and higher temperatures (dragon types are resistant to fire)

The ice on its tail it’s not that easy to melt because his body temperature keep it stable (like ice on a fridge) although during his Charmander and Charmeleon state it’s not the best for him to live in deserts or places with strong temperatures.

As you can see, they obviously like cold places, so if you gave shelter to one of this little creatures, you would need to adapt your house to their needs

For the second evolution I imagined a playful scenario, a Charmeleon playing with his trainer in the snow.

I pictured the regular Charmeleon would hate to be covered in snow in such a cold environment, so this is a perfect scenario for his counterpart.

For the last evolution I sketched this scene: “A grumpy looking Charizard with a fishing rod”. After that I decided to make a full artwork of it.

I don’t know if I’ll be doing more of these, but alternate forms sure are a fun concept, I just wonder how many official ones we’ll be seeing in the future.

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Crazydent evil 2 (Short comic)

It might not be a secret to anybody that I’m a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise, and I’m really emphatic when I say VIDEOGAME franchise, to the point that I used to make this comic series called “Crazydent Evil” which basically poked the fun about everything I loved about the characters and story elements of the games. 

However, I decided to stop at some point. It always bugged me the fact that I was left with tons of crazy and funny ideas involving almost every game on the franchise, and I knew I had to go back eventually and try some of those.

Now that I have more experience on making comics, it seemed like the perfect time for it, and decided to go for Resident Evil 2 for a comeback because it holds a nostalgic value to me since it was the first one that I played. I probably know every corner and secret of it.

I might also go and finish the Crazydent Evil 4 comics, too. It mostly depends on your support on the series as a whole 😀

Crazydent Evil Parody based on Resident Evil (c) Capcom.

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Moustachioed Brothers

So there I was, working on my Super Princesses artwork, When my brother tells me that Daisy’s hair kinda looked like a moustache  Not in my particular artwork, but in general. I’m sorry is this is one of those “cannot be unseen” things, but it really does

And being the silly usual me, I didn’t let that idea fly away, instead made something out of it. Wondering, What would Daisy do if she was aware of the fact? and there you have it. 

I  recall about the Mario Bros being referred as “Moustachioed brothers” at least once, but I don’t remember which game and I couldn’t find anything on the topic (maybe I imagined the whole thing) but none the less, I figured it was an appropriate 
title :D

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Our hero is ready

After watching this year Nintendo’s digital event and Nintendo’s world championship, I got to see some interesting imagery, and I’m not talking about the puppets(‘cause that’s just too obvious). It’s more related to one of the new items from Super Mario Maker, the High heel boot. That, combined with the trailer of TLOZ: Triforce heroes and the Zelda outfit for link , gave me the inspiration I needed to work this silly comic. (You may say I wanted a perfect reason to draw Link in a dress) XD

So I came up with a scene with Nintendo Characters getting ready for the event, kinda like actors preparing for a play. And well… they’re just dazzling!
Nintendo, you’re so fabulous this year,Gotta love it 😀

Every logo and character depicted belongs to Nintendo.
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Crazyden Evil – Azury Guraham

This is the photograph of Azury Guraham that Lion carries around. It turned out into a cute deviation.
Don’t mess with Azury or you gonna be on a serious problem. 
Azury Guraham is the president’s daugther, Clearly based on Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4. 
They don’t share the same attitudes and personalities, besides a different eye colors and a cute little mole.