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Recently I was sketching new characters, and I decided to try to create one with a different body type. I wanted to create a character with a different body type, a round, huggable, but beautiful and adorable girl and she’s the result of it

She started as a human girl, later changed to neko girl, but I finally decided to got for the opposite species. I didn’t leave her as a human just because I wanted to expand the races of my characters, eventually I should have at least one character per race and that would be pretty good

2016 · 4 of a kind · Drawing process · Izanna family · Original comic · Tabatha Izanna · Tabby

4K-Thank you (Process)

An updated version of this process:

I made this new version using the assets I had from the original process.

Back when I shared this on patreon a year ago the process is divided into 3 different post, because I was updating the info as I was working on it. I ultimately changed the way I showed the process in favor of a new layout. I also had no particular format at that time, so you couldn’t expect any flashy presentations.

Take a look if you’re curious:

Since I only had 1 patron at the time almost nobody saw it, also my old scanner broke during that time so I had to take a picture of the pencil sketch you’re seeing. Now the original process is nothing special, but it’s another example of how one can learn by trying and improving upon a basic idea.

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2016 · Character Design · commissioned · Drawing process · Original character · Sketch

(Comm) Lin Slatter

Full name: Lin Slatter

Age: 18

She attends to the same school as Adaline, although, she rebels against the elvish establishment while trying to learn whatever she can from them. She has a real big chip on her shoulder from years of teasing and inequality from the elves she’s suppose to be learning from. The only person who has really seen her soft side is her best friend.

She’s overprotective with Ada because she’s the only person who reached out and stayed with her throughout the years at the academy. Eventually her friendship with Ada turned into love, however, up until this point she has no idea how to tell her.

Skills: Highly gifted in language, math, architecture, and mechanical engineering.

commisioned by Coleslayer. This is the series of sketches I made for him to define her character features. Originally shared on Patreon during her design process:
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Flipnote – Kirby Bounce

Recently I tried to make a flipnote with the bouncy ball exercise to practice animation, but I also asked to myself: how can I make more interesting to watch?

After that, I turned the ball into Kirby and the hand into Master hand. I’m really sorry Kirby.

Step 1: Rough animation
Step 2: Clean animation

I improved the animation with some additional frames and I modified the hand to make movement look more natural. 

Step 3: Coloring
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Roll sketch

Recently one of my patrons mentioned that he would like to see Roll drawn in my style.

Coincidence or not, sometime ago I made this sketch to learn more about digital paint and how to blend colors in SAI. I was planning to make an artwork without using any outlines, but I ultimately scrapped the idea.

2013 was a chaotic year for me, and I can think of many reasons of why this was scrapped, but maybe it’s about time to give it another try.

The date of the original file reads : June 7th, Friday‎ ‎‎2013.

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