About me

Hello, Mi name is Luis Parada and I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, visual communicator, blogger, humorist and a little bit of everything. Besides I’m an emerging web comic artist, Looking to unify design, good humor and fun in many of my works.

Illustration of my avatar “Linker”

I’m been a comic strip passionate since I have the memory. Glancing through the pages of the local newspapers, looking for the Sundays comics. Starting my own histories when I was little, with borrowed characters from awesome artist like Jim Davis, Charles Schultz, Bill Watterson and many others.

I decided to pursue my passion and dedicate my hearth and soul into my arts, opting for a career that would help me in one way or another to get me closer to my goal.

In November of 2009 I joined DeviantArt and the world of the internet, full of fears and insecurities about my own quality as an artist in the vast world of the internet. And I was right, I sucked. But thankfully that never stopped me from giving my whole. Since I’ve been trying to deliver the best quality of artwork I can possibly make for all of you to enjoy.

And I really hope you do.

My interest are:
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Cartoons
  • General Culture
  • Editorial Design
  • Videogames
  • Childbooks illustrations
  • Philoshopy
  • Storytelling
  • Character Design
  • Comic strips
  • Comic books
  • Manga and Anime

Mi passion has always been sequential art. Because of their capacity to express uncomfortable realities, trivial moments of life, random thoughts and all sorts of fantastic worlds, that just look to express the wonders and the absurdity of human life.

At this moment, I find myself working in a series of personal projects, with the purpose of being recognized as an artist and a quality visual communicator. And I invite you to be updated with my publications in all social media, since I still have lots of stuff to share and make. Don’t forget you can share any comment or suggestion to my person in any of this media:


and via Mail, trough this adress: linkerluis@outlook.com. See your around!