2016 · Character Design · Izanna family · Pixel art · Tabatha Izanna · Tabby

Character selection

Original characters I’ve shown to the public so far
What started as an Izanna family pixel artwork ended up becoming a complete character roster.

Since I already had the girls, I thought I could add all the characters I’ve made so far (even minor ones). As soon as I had all the sprites, I added the Gameboy Color frame to complete the “retro game” theme.

I pretend to keep updating this list as soon as I create a new character. I think it’ll be a good and unique way to keep track of all the creations I’ve released to the public. I think I missed a couple, but some of them either need a redesign or a new concept entirely.

(I included two versions of Jazmint because, at this point in time, I haven’t decided her final color palette)


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