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Funny Bunny Ballons

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I recently started watching this show called “Steven Universe”. At first, I didn’t care that much about the show. I saw it before a couple of times on Cartoon Network, but never really payed attention to it.

It looked too much like Adventure Time for me by the first impression. Until one day, I finally decided to watch a couple of episodes, and, I gotta say, it’s a genuinely fun and cool show, much more complex than I anticipated.

I also decided to watch the episodes in order with my brother, to have a better understanding on the history. By now we’re watching the 2nd season of it. And, until now, it’s becoming one of my favorite shows right there with Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love all the design aspects on it and the characters are really really likable. 

So I wanted to work a fan art of it. This one is clearly based on Episode 16 in which Amethyst eats a magical cloud. I found that scene to be quite funny.

That’s where this picture was inspired from. They’re just having a quirky family moment, carrying Amethyst inflated like a balloon, and Steven just wants to join the fun.

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